Is College the Right Choice for Everyone?

Naim Gordian, Reporter

College: the place to go to further your education and to enable yourself to obtain

some sort of degree for the job of your dreams. But is college really the right way to go  for everyone?

From a professional standpoint, college is the best course of action for life and preparation for real world problems.

“College is important for students’ career paths, but it depends what happens with the student’s life,” said College Counselor Renysha Scott. “Anything they do in life will need a education. It’s preparation for life.”

Dr. Scott believes that college Is a very good choice for students’ next step in life, even if they think they aren’t ready for it. For many, college is the right choice.

For some students however, college is not worth the time, effort, or money. Making money is too much of a priority at this point in their lives. Or they aren’t mentally ready to continue going to school.

“It’s not really worth their time or the money,” said senior Alejandro Paredes. “Not all subjects that people want to learn are available in college, only by other means.”

Paredes believes that other means of education are better, such as trade school or real world experience.  

But some students agree, college can help you academically and gives you more career options.

“College is something you need to better yourself as a person,” said senior Alan Garcia. “Education is also a priority for a degree…. [Non-college graduates] can still be successful in life, but [they are] going to have to work harder than everyone else.”

Colleges has its pros and cons. It’s each individual’s personal decision to attend college or not. So the question to ask yourself is: why college?