New Counselors Appointed

Jennifer Romo, Managing Editor

Students from Venice returned to this school year to find two new academic counselors. Ms. Jamie Simon-Meyer stepped down as the college counselor to replace Mr. Jim Curtis who retired for the Media, Arts, and Technology Academy. Ms. Ivey Willwerth took Ms. Maria Whittington’s place for the Academy of Law and Public Service Academy. Also, Ms. Cynthia Vivar, who is a Venice High graduate, took Ms. Bonnie Roche-Blair’s place as the World Language and Global Studies counselor.
“I am looking forward to being able to guide students towards graduation, college, and beyond,” said Ms. Vivar. “Being a Venice 90291 native, I love this community. I have seen it grow and develop, change and remain, for the entirety of my life. It brings me great joy to be able to be a small agent of change in our community. Prior to being at VHS, I worked at several charter schools across Los Angeles, and I have learned a lot about different communities as well as different school cultures.”
“I’m really looking forward to building a relationship with students so that I can support them in any way I can,” said Ms. Willwerth. “My favorite part of my job so far is working with students to make sure they are programmed in the correct classes. Everyone at Venice is so warm and welcoming. I really feel included in the Venice community.”
Venice also has a new college counselor, Dr. Renysha Scott, who has very big and exciting plans for students. She is currently encouraging seniors especially to participate in college fly-in programs, and planning FAFSA and writing workshops to help students get into college.