Students Rally For Changes to the Dress Code


Julissa Ventureno

Student addresses crowd during open mic session in the Dress Code demonstration.

Jacqueline Sanchez, News Reporter

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Madahi Canseco, representing girls who have been in violation of the dress code, organized a demonstration on Oct. 29 during lunch in front of the auditorium.

Canseco was demanding that the administration of the school have a respectful approach when calling out girls for dress code violations, not be biased and not take class time away from students who are removed from class because of the dress code.

The demonstration, which included about 25 student, boys and girls started off with an introduction about the problems created by the administration regarding the dress code. Students also recited  poems. The event had an open mic for whoever wanted to give their opinion. Several girls walked up and gave their opinion or shared their experience in being dress coded.

“I want it to be more fair and for administration to give us a bit more freedom” said student Madison Mett.

Girls at Venice have been complaining about being called out unfairly for minor violations and in a disrespectful manner. They have also been complaining about losing class time while addressing the problem with an administrator. Girls feel they have been targeted much more than boys.