Venice High’s Bible Club


Desmond Andersen

Club members Desmond Andersen, Samuel Yung, Jachin Chyn, Anna Lo, Cindy Lin, and Quinlan McKnight.

Catherine Facio, Staff Writer

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Venice High’s Bible Club is where students go to be closer with God. At their meetings on Monday during lunch in Room 54, they read chapters from the Bible together. The club began in 2016 and has eight students who regularly attend. Ms. Brenda Alcaraz is the current sponsor of the club.

The club provides newcomers with a miniature Bible if they don’t have a copy yet. After reading the Bible, the students enter discussions about the passages that they read.

“I really enjoy it. Reading the bible gets me out of my mind and reminds me to turn to God,” says club member Desmond Andersen. “I look forward to the club because I can let go of all my negative thoughts.”

If you would like to participate in an extracurricular that allows you to keep in touch with God while being with others, the Bible Club is the perfect club to join.