Mr. Rabinowitz to Retire After 19 Years at Venice


Julia Escobar

Mr. Jess Rabinowitz

Kylon Wade, News Reporter

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Mr. Jess Rabinowitz will be leaving Venice High School on Dec 14. Mr. Rabinowitz has been teaching at Venice High School for 19 years in total. He taught Biology, Intercoordinated Science, Physical Geology, Oceanography, Environmental Studies, AP Environmental Science and Forensic Science.

“I think that I’ve been able to motivate students to learn and also get them to produce and achieve success in my classes and students feel free to be themselves and to be successful without a student-teacher barrier,” said Mr. Rabinowitz.

Mr. Rabinowitz said he feels like he impacted students that are sometimes considered at risk and being a role model for students. He said he also tried to reduce that barrier to make students comfortable in the environment and so therefore they work better when the students feel like they’re in a learning environment.

“I think that he is a great teacher because he taught me a lot and he is always giving me motivation to do my work and to receive a good grade in his class,” said junior Angie De la Rosa,” who has known Mr.Rabinowitz for two years.

Spanish teacher Andrea Page said she’s going to miss Mr. Rabinowitz.

“Mr. Rabinowitz is a really full-of-life guy and one thing that I loved and that I will miss about him is that Mr. Rabinowitz always decorated his classroom for holidays and so do I,” said Ms. Page. ”Because of that, we always tried to one up each other and it was really fun.”

Mr. Rabinowitz is retiring because he has finished building a new home in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and he just wants to relax and a live the “good life.” Due to Mr. Rabinowitz retiring, the interview committee is looking for a replacement. It is still unknown who will be taking over Mr. Rabinowitz’ classes for spring semester.

“The best thing about teaching is the students and the fact that each day is totally different and never boring. said Mr. Rabinowitz. “I am very fortunate to have this position and it is an important job because students are the future, even though it sounds cliché.”