New Teacher Parking Lot

Kylon Wade, News Reporter

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Most of the new teachers’ parking lot on Venice Boulevard east of the auditorium is finally finished and is in use. The new parking lot, which is a lot bigger than previous parking lots, has positive and negative effects for the teachers.

John Bruno is a math teacher who has taught for 18 years at Venice High. He used to teach in the old bungalows next to the football field that were torn down and are now under construction. He teaches now in the new bungalows located next to the new parking lot.

“It was really inconvenient when I used to have to park at Cunningham Hall,’ said Mr. Bruno. “The new teachers’ parking lot is a benefit because it’s pretty close to my room so it makes it easier.”  

Music teacher David Lee teaches his classes right next to the new parking lot.

“Half the time I ride my bike to school, so when I’m driving my car It’s convenient for me because I don’t have to lug lots of equipment across the campus to my classroom,” he said.

Meleane Sutherland is on the varsity softball team. She is is a senior and has been playing with the team since freshman year. The new parking lot is located where the old softball field used to be. Not having their softball field for the time being causes problems for the team.

“Not having a softball field is kind of upsetting because it is causes a nuisance,” said  Sutherland. “Since we don’t have a field to play on and we have to play at nearby parks, there are a lot of things to worry about, like transportation and getting all our equipment to and from the park. We are still unsure of where we can hold our practices for our season. As a senior, not playing any more home games is upsetting because it is my last year at this school and not having a place to play the sport I adore is inconvenient to the friends and family who show up and watch our games. Regardless, I am looking forward to a good season this year and having a lot of fun!”

Christopher Wright is an art teacher and the old teacher parking lot off Walgrove Avenue that he used to park in is now under construction.

“Man I used to be able to park in front of my classroom and I’m always carrying heavy stuff to my classroom, so it doesn’t help me much at all that the new teacher parking lot is at the opposite end of the corner of the school now.”

The far east end of  the parking lot is still under construction.