Recovery Classes Offered on Saturdays

Naim Gordian, Staff Writer

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Saturday school allows students to take a class to make up credits, or, for college purposes, to retake a class for a better grade.

“Recovery classes are for students who failed the class the first time to make up the class and get the passing mark,” said academic counselor Jamie Simon-Meyer. “Some students use it as a way to bring up a grade for a class for four-year college eligibility.”

Winter Plus is one of the recovery programs offered by the adult school that took place over winter break. Students attended every weekday for four hours for a week and continued afterwards for nine Saturdays.

Winter Plus classes were not very complicated; students walked in and signed in for their attendance, asked the teachers for the materials they needed and sat down and did their work. Every student was taking the program to complete a different subject.

“The class was extremely crowded the first week, but it became more manageable as the students finished their work and left,” said senior Aide Lomeli. “The class was not difficult, all the work that was given was done independently.”

Academically, she had no problems, but there were other issues she didn’t like.

“I did hate the fact that the class was held on Saturdays,” said Lomeli. “It’s the only day that I don’t have to worry about school the following day.”

Other students didn’t mind that the program was held on Saturdays. To some students it was just as if they were taking a regular class.

“It was not difficult at all, we got to work at our own pace and there was no pressure,” said senior Britney Lopez. “The class was good and the teachers were very helpful.”

The counselors put in a lot of effort for the students to catch up on failed classes and even get ahead of classes, if possible, such as health.