New Assistant Principal

Andrea Lo, Assistant News Editor

Venice has welcomed a new assistant principal to its family.

Mr. Robert Marks is filling for Dr. Debbie Eller as assistant principal. Dr. Eller is currently on an illness leave.

“We don’t know when she’ll come back,” said Principal Elsa Mendoza. “There’s no return date.”

Mr. Marks started his job at Venice on Nov. 13. He was previously an assistant principal at University High and El Camino Real, and was a secondary principal at Hale Middle School, Porter Middle School, and Cleveland High school. Mr. Marks retired in 2012.

According to Mr. Marks, Venice fit his expectations, and he had visited the campus twice. he noted that it was a very community-oriented school.

“Not many high schools have long-term ties to their community,” said Mr. Marks. “Some grandparents who came here might have grandchildren who also go here.”

“Venice High School is very historical,” added Mr. Marks. “When I drive by, it’s a beautiful campus.”