Sports Med Team Attends HOSA Conference


Evan Rocha

The Sports Medicine Team traveled to Sacramento for the Cal-HOSA State Leadership Conference.

Destiny Clark, Staff Writer

The Sports Medicine Team competed with other students across the nation in sports medicine and also attended fun workshops and events Sacramento on March 26 to 30. Their airfare to Sacramento was paid for by HOSA, known as Health Occupations Students of America, a student-led organization.

Kirsten Farrell, the sports medicine director, Pavlin Lange, the magnet coordinator, and 12 other sports medicine students were invited to participate in a competition on March 27. The students who had traveled were seniors Camryn Butze, Alissa Okada, Erick Martinez, Lorena Alvarado, Thaddaeus Mammo, Monica Soliman, Vara Meephettern, Shashine Nnachetam, and Destiny Clark; Juniors Evan Rocha, Jasmine Hernandez, Carmen Martinez.

They also participated in an event called Youth Speaking Up for Youth Mental Health Day. People who had an interest in learning more about mental health and its effects were invited.

Many students participated in this event, which featured speeches, music, and rap songs from people who either had experiences with mental illness or who are advocates for mental health.

“Mental health for high school students is important and we need to create more resources for students on our campus,” said Ms. Farrell.

“It was a rollercoaster of events and I got to test things I never did before like beatboxing,” said senior Shashine Nnachetam.

At the HOSA competition, many of the Venice students needed to perform their knowledge on their chosen medical topic at the Sacramento Convention Center; Sports medicine, CPR/First Aid, Public Health, or Emergency Medicine.  Senior Vara Meephettern and junior Carmen Martinez partnered together to do Public Health, which involved presenting a health issue.

“The event was informative and fun. I liked my competition and presenting gave me the chance to teach many kids,” said Meephettern.

As a result of their hard work and preparation, Meephettern and Martinez were awarded 5th place out of over 30 students for a great public health presentation.

“It was nerve-wracking because I felt like we were going to do bad, but we actually did well,” said Meephettern.

Apart from competing, there were workshops on yoga, service travel, meditation, playing victim, and tips on the SAT and ACT were offered to many of the attendees.

“ I choose to be a victim for the competitors who had to perform new techniques on the field.” “It was my first HOSA and I wanted a new experience,” said Nnachetam.

All in all, the supervisors and students of the Venice community had a great time touring Sacramento, seeing the Capitol building, eating at restaurants, watching student-led performances in a talent show, and speaking to people who shared an interest in health.

“Next year we would like to expand the events we compete in and participate in the Washington and Regional competitive events,” said Ms. Farrell.