Spring Blood Drive


Julissa Ventureno

175 students donated blood this semester.

Jacqueline Sanchez, Asst. News Editor

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During this semester’s biannual ASB blood drive held on April 10, many more people donated blood than last semester. 175 out of 180 students who signed up were able to donate blood, according to ASB organizer Xitlalli Palafox.

“Donating blood gives students a sense of importance and how they can change other people’s lives even if it’s someone they don’t know,” said Palafox.

Students, teachers and staff at Venice were allowed to donate if they were healthy and over the age of 16. Students who were only 16 had to get a consent form from their parents in order to be able to donate blood. Students ages 17 and above were not required to bring a parent consent form. Donors filled out forms that asked personal questions and were interviewed by the nurse to make sure they were healthy.

After they had blood drawn, donors were given snacks and refreshments, and had to stay a few minutes after to make sure they didn’t feel nauseous or dizzy.  Students had to remain hydrated at all times.

“Students were cooperative and helpful,” noted Palafox.

Palafox, along with the effort of other ASB students and an employee from Cedars Sinai, organized this semester’s blood drive, which lasted from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm.