Body issues in the Summer

Skye Dodd, Reporter

Most teenagers are self-conscious about one thing or another. Whether it’s being overweight, having acne, scars, freckles, birthmarks, stretch marks, having a big butt or no butt, big breasts or no breasts, we are all hung up on something. Nobody really likes to talk about their insecurities, and with summer coming up, this issue grows more prominent.

When summer comes to mind, most people think of short shorts and tank tops. They think of perfectly tanned bodies walking on the beach wearing bikinis, but this image is not realistic. Most people don’t have a “perfect” body, and that’s okay. Summer clothing is often very revealing, which can make someone feel very exposed and want to steer away from that style. However, everyone should feel comfortable wearing what they want. If it’s a hot day and a person wants to wear shorts, they shouldn’t be worried about stretch marks or cellulite. Developing a rather positive self-body image starts with redefining a summer body for oneself.

Social media is one factor that contributes to the negative perception of a “perfect” summer body. Instagram is filled with millions of accounts where girls and boys post pictures to flaunt their perfectly fit and tanned bodies. Scrolling through these accounts and subjecting yourself to these unrealistic images can make you feel worse. Instead of just focusing on other people’s bodies, look into and follow other accounts that celebrate any body image like thebodypositive or the hashtag bodypositivepower on Instagram.

Surrounding yourself with people who love and appreciate every body type, even on a digital level, is one way to work on battling your insecurities.

Of course, having insecurities is a normal thing that everyone experiences in their day-to-day life so it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Insecurities follow people throughout their life and it can often be hard to shake, but that doesn’t mean that your insecurities should rule over you. Being able to overcome your insecurities won’t happen overnight, but taking small steps to improve self-love is very important. Usually summer is a time when most people feel the most self-conscious about their bodies, but they should be comfortable in them instead.