New Eating Area Opens as Part of Campus Modernization


Julissa Ventureno

Construction takes over Venice.

Damian Hernandez, Writer

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A new eating area has opened at Venice High and the construction of a modern student store is likely to open soon nearby. The multi-million dollar investment from LAUSD will affect the future generations that attend Venice High School by providing them with more space and modern architecture.

     “I have attended Venice for three years and finally understand the purpose of the construction because it actually looks very cool,” says Shu Watanabe.

    Mr. Harry Delu, the head of the student store, believes that “sales will increase” and that this investment is a positive addition because it will allow him to “give sports teams more money.” Mr. Delu contributes money, generated at the student store, to sports teams at Venice High School. The current student store is in the West Building in a small room, so the increased accessibility will be beneficial for business. With the new development, safety will be increased as the old covered eating area was not earthquake proof.

     The new construction will increase the space available for students during nutrition and lunch. “I am excited to see the final result of all the work because all the stuff that is done right now looks good”, explains junior Charles Huang.

     While many students will not experience the full magnitude of the modernization of Venice High School, the future generations of students will experience a new Venice High.