Grad Nite 2019

Alicia Valenciana, Editor-in-Chief

On Saturday, May 11, seniors spent the day at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure for Venice High School’s Grad Nite 2019.

“I had a really amazing experience at Grad Nite,” said Lorena Alvarado. “I didn’t realize that it was going to bring so many people that I know together and even though I ended up hanging out with people I always see around and am already friends with them, it felt different and I got closer to people I had known before.”

At 9 pm, Disney California Adventure closed down and became exclusive to only seniors from high schools across the country. Seniors had to have a bracelet on their left wrists, identifying them as seniors participating in Grad Nite 2019.

“I’m really glad I spent it with my friends and I have to say it made me regret not meeting people sooner but I’m happy I’ll always have the memories of the experience I shared with those special people,” said Lorena Alvarado.

Seniors enjoyed the various dance parties held in Disney’s California Adventure, taking pictures with several Disney characters and the exhilarating roller coasters in both parks.

“Grad Nite itself was just one of the good ways to end the school year off with my friends,” said Ashton Ortega. “I think that regardless of the price, these upcoming seniors should really just go and enjoy these last high school moments together with their homies.”