Change in PD Schedule

Jacqueline Sanchez, Staff Writer

Reading Time: < 1 minute

A proposal to increase the number of professional development days next year has failed by one vote. The outcome revealed that 66% voted in favor of the change, while 34% voted against it. In order to pass the proposal, a two-thirds super majority was required.

For students, PD days mean that they are dismissed from school an hour and a half early. Teachers use that time to plan out their lessons with other teachers. Venice had 14 PD days this year, and the proposal would’ve changed it to 23.

The reason they wanted to add more PD days for the next school year was because the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) accreditation wanted the school to align its curriculum better. The idea was to get more common planning time for teachers to work together and create similar tasks and assignments in every subject according to Mr. Midsanon Lloyd. He said there were pros and cons to the changes in the schedule.

“Teachers are kind of like artists in a way,” Mr. Lloyd said. “We like to be individuals when we teach.”

Although there won’t be any more PD days added next school year, teachers will still find ways to work collaboratively in the days they will have available, he said.