Cross Country

Michelle Mateo


As the cross country season begins, the team has been doing quite a bit to prepare and have a successful season. 

This season the team is full of hope and motivation. Senior runner Jane Crespin says, “We just need to trust each other and we’ll work through it. The doubts will eventually go away later in the season when we see what we are truly capable of.” 

“We got a lot of talented freshmen especially on the girls’ side that are gonna provide a lot of help for our varsity team,” senior Captain Andrea Gallardo added.

Some of the boys’ goals for this season are trying to win the city title in Division II again and go to the state championship. The girls’ team wants to win city and make history by being the first girls’ team in Venice to ever go to state. The runners compete with schools such as Palisades, University, Eagle Rock, and Santee. 

 Crespin remains optimistic on the competition against their rival Palisades. “We will try our best to win league this year against them.”

With their goals come struggles as well. Senior Captain Andrea Gallardo has Iliotibial band syndrome, which is pain around the knee due to tightness.

“I’m confident I will be ready once city comes around,” says Gallardo with optimistic hopes. 

On the other hand, Crespin is struggling with shin problems. “It really affects me because it’s the beginning of the season and I am scared of permanently injuring myself so I have to be really careful. Also, last year I did not have the best cross country season, so I’m hoping I can use that to motivate me and get me in the right mindset for this season since it is my fourth and final cross country season,” said Crespin. 

The team’s first official race was Saturday, Sept. 7 at Rosemead. “This is one of our only night races, which we will see who is solid and ready for the season,” said  Crespin.