Dual Language Immersion Program


Ashley bueno, Reporter

Reading Time: < 1 minute

       This is the first year Venice High School introduces the Dual Language Immersion Program. Venice High School will be the second high school in LAUSD to have a Dual Language Immersion Program.

        The Dual Language Program is for kids who took the same foreign language in elementary and middle school or speak it fluently. Venice High School currently offers this program in Spanish and in Mandarin. 

       One of the teachers here at Venice High, Ms. Luo teaches Mandarin. Ms. Luo stated, “The Dual Language kids learn humanity in Mandarin.” Pupils take two Mandarin classes a day. They also take history, math or English. Instead of studying in English they learn it in Mandarin or Spanish. 

       In the humanity class, Mandarin students learn Chinese philosophy, Chinese literature, Chinese history, and much more.  “I think it’s a very good program because kids truly immerse in the Chinese language and they learn about the culture and the history,” said Ms. Luo.  Students in this program learn to be bilingual. “It’s a way to express yourself …when you learn a new language you have a different soul, a different identity,” said Ms. Luo