Unrealistic Valentine’s standards for guys

Harry Phillips, Editor-in-Chief

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Valentine’s Day; a day of romance, heartbreak and a lot of money being spent. As a guy I feel completely stressed out about Valentine’s Day. Growing up, I noticed on TV and in society that there is a lot of pressure for guys to provide a great day for their partners.

Guys are expected to find ways to give their romantic lover a great day that they will never forget. For some guys it comes naturally and they do not have to stress out a lot. Some guys have absolutely no idea what to do and go a little overboard with candy, flowers, a romantic dinner, etc. Even some of the guys who don’t stress out go overboard with these items.

I am in the middle of these two romantic extremes. I don’t stress out too much, but I still stress out. I’m also lucky that my girlfriend isn’t extremely into Valentine’s Day like some people and you know who you are.

One giant question I still have is when did the true meaning of Valentine’s Day change? Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day has become all about ‘buy this, do that and don’t forget this piece of crap that people will throw away within a few hours.’ People should be happy that they get to spend it with their significant other, and if you are single, be glad that you have people who love you in this world.

If you do get something for your significant other, pick something that they will appreciate, love and find meaning in. And as many people say, money can’t buy love.

For all the single people out there, buy something for yourself that you want and you know you will enjoy.

I hope everyone will enjoy Valentine’s Day and remember: you are loved, you are beautiful, you are the center of someone’s world and you are important.