Oarsman gets Targeted!!!

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During the weekend of Jan. 23 to 25, someone broke into Room 11, home of the Oarsman newspaper and teacher Nancy Zubiri.  Two cameras worth approximately over $1,000, two tripods, and a bag of chocolates bars were stolen from the classroom.

The person or people who broke in used a tool, probably a crowbar, to break the door to enter. Mrs. Ruth Greene, English Teacher, discovered that the room was broken into on Sunday, Jan. 25. 

“ I came to school on Sunday and was working on papers, then I heard a noise coming from Room 11 and I thought Ms. Zubiri was here. So I went to say hi to her, but noticed teenagers in there,” said Mrs. Greene.

While the kids were fleeing the room, Mrs. Greene called the school police. Ms. Greene also noticed a lot of people at the school prior to discovering the break in. “The students who ran out were probably not the culprits, because they were empty handed.” Said Ms. Greene.

Mrs. Greene also said that after she filed a police report,   ”I called Mrs. Zubiri to tell her what had happened to her room. I also noticed that there was wood next to the ticket booth.”

‘The cops told me they looked around and checked the school,” said Ms. Zubiri, ”but couldn’t find anyone who might have done it.”

If you have any information about the break in, go to rm. 11 or leave a note in Mrs. Zubiri’s box in the main office. Notes can be anonymous.