Prioritize Self-love over Relationships


Giving yourself a hug is self love.

Estefany Huerta

High school is a time when many teens are obsessed with finding love without having figured themselves out first. During teenage years, teens often develop misconceptions about love and equate being in a relationship with happiness. These false expectations lead us to waste so much time on people who probably won’t matter in a few years to the point that we forget to put time into improving ourselves. 

Focusing on yourself is not about ego or pride. When you’re satisfied with yourself, it makes you realize that there is a lot more out there for you to experience than just relationships. 

It seems like teenagers aren’t aware of what they are getting themselves into when they get into their first relationship. There is a lot more commitment than what most people realize and many situations that teenagers may not be ready to deal with yet.

“I think some teens aren’t ready for love or don’t know what love is, not unless they have been surrounded by love before…I think teens mistake sex for love,” said Alyssa Chatman, senior. 

 Teens try to get into relationships and feel appreciation from their significant other by trying to be someone they’re not. This includes pretending to like certain things and doing things they don’t feel comfortable doing. 

Chances are that, in the long run, focusing on improving and loving yourself right now will make you happier than any high school relationship. Confidence makes you more attractive and opens up opportunities for the future. The best investment is you.