Why Did The Attendance Office Move?


Rita Gamboa

Attendance Office

Ashley Bueno, Reporter

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The Attendance Office has been relocated from a bungalow behind the Administration Building to Room 145 in Far West Building for a semester. The Attendance Office was moved because they are going to demolish the old office to clear up some space between the new Arts Building and the cafeteria. At the end of this semester, the new office will be in the new Science Building on Venice Boulevard.  

“We had to get rid of stuff that we needed for the office.“  said Ms. Saara Araujo, senior office clerk. The new office is a lot smaller. They had to get rid of desks and machines that were needed in order to fit everything into the temporary office. 

“At first it was frustrating because obviously it’s a smaller office,” Ms. Araujo said. The temporary Attendance Office is in the old ALPS Office. The problem with having a small space and just one large room, the attendance office workers don’t have privacy to have a 1 on 1 with students anymore, said Ms. Araujo. 

It’s also a hassle for some students because they have to walk to Far West to get their blue slips instead of going to where the old building was that was more central to the whole school. Parents who need to go to the attendance office will have to walk farther from the street or the parking lot. The old location was more convenient for everybody, including students’ parents.

“Yeah, it’s kinda confusing now,” said Polina Asaulyuk, a sophomore. “So whenever I think of going to finally bring in my notes, I keep remembering that it’s relocated and it doesn’t make me want to go.”