Girls soccer playoffs near

Isaac Ng, Sports Reporter

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Venice High School girls soccer team has qualified for the playoffs as their rocky season comes to an end with a 1-1 tie against University High School. The Gondoliers’ most recent game was a 5-0 home victory over Westchester High School on Feb. 5. Coming off a championship run last year, the team is pretty satisfied with the season and is pretty confident that the team can do it again despite dealing with injuries. 

Among their losses, the Gondoliers suffered a 10-1 home blowout loss to Palisades High School on Jan. 29. But, they defeated Westchester 8-1 on the road on Dec. 13. 

“The team is playing well.” said Coach Chaka Forman. “We have our ups and downs but we have not hit our strongest gear yet. We have some good performances against quality opponents.” 

Several starters have been suffering injuries. But that doesn’t stop the team from believing in themselves as the playoffs are nearing.

 “We are dealing with many injuries, so different players are stepping up.” said Coach Forman. “In the playoffs everything tightens up. We will see who is ready to go when the time comes. Injuries are out of my control, and we try not to worry about things we can’t control. I believe in our team.” 

Coach Forman also talked about the importance of support and love between the team. “We are establishing a standard of excellence. We want Venice to be the premiere school for soccer on the Westside.” added Forman. “Soccer should be a time when our girls are happy and feel free.” 

Captain Marissa Ramirez thinks that the team is doing pretty good so far. 

“We have good chemistry on and off the field.” said Ramirez. “We have some starters out, but practice and dedication will help us win. And I definitely think we will win the championship again this year.” 

Junior Tiffany Sun admits that there have been some disappointing games recently, but she thinks that they are still one of the best teams. “We have all the skills and teamwork to succeed,” said Sun. “Injuries are our biggest concerns right now, but everyone contributes and plays a big role, so it won’t necessarily be a big deal. And if we keep up the good teamwork, I think we can win the championship with the right mindset.” 

The girls soccer playoffs will kick off on Feb. 14 at home against Bernstein High School at 3:00 p.m.