Girls’ Softball Team Readies For A New Season!

Edryan Calderon, Reporter

Reading Time: 2 minutes

      With a new season approaching, the girls varsity softball team members are preparing themselves for the challenges ahead. Last year the team was eliminated early at the CIFLACS Division I playoffs. The Gondoliers hope to achieve the same success as they did two years ago, when they became Western League champions.

     As the season starts, so will new members of the team. Bringing with them valuable support and strength to help their elder players. 

     The first home game for the girls softball team is on Wednesday Mar. 4 at 3 pm against Hamilton High School at Penmar Park. The team has been without a field this year due to construction.

     “I feel like this season we are going to have a strong all around team,” said junior Leilani Velasquez when asked about her view on this year’s roster. “We have quite a few incoming freshmen that have been playing before coming to Venice, so they bring more experience to the team.” 

      School rivalries, classic matches between competitors, generate excitement among the older players.

     “Palisades and Hamilton, they’re more of a competition and I can’t wait to see how much we have progressed since the last time we played against those schools,” said Samantha Morales from the JV team, when asked about which schools she was looking forward to compete against. Hamilton High School has previously beat both the varsity and JV team in all of their matches last year, while Palisades High has continued to have close games and mixed records when facing Venice.

     The Gondoliers look forward to an exciting season to play again. The team has been practicing at Penmar for most part of the season, as they have had limited practicing at Venice’s baseball field.