Last-Minute Places To Go To This Cupid’s Day


Michelle Mateo

Love birds on Valentine’s Day.

Destin Evans, Reporter

It’s Valentine’s Day and you haven’t figured out any plans yet. Don’t panic. Just read this carefully because you are about to be flooded with ideas.

First, figure out if your date wants to go out or stay home. If your date wants to go out, then there are plenty of things to do last minute. 

Impress your date and make today special. Instead of going to a restaurant, create your own romantic setting to make your date feel like it’s not like any other date. 

“I would like a date on the beach, sort of like a picnic dinner,” senior Tanesia Williams said. Take your date to the beach and present a basket of food, candy, and gifts. This is a great, cheap way to make up for any lack of planning. 

If your date wants to go out to eat, a small restaurant is an option, where you’re able to just walk in and pay because you don’t have time to make reservations. Try places such as Chili’s, Dennys, Red Lobster. If you want to go all out and go to a fancy restaurant, you shouldn’t wait until the last minute. 

Have some surprises up your sleeve to not make the night boring. If you want to go out somewhere fun, you can go to places that have an arcade or an ice or roller-skating rink. Places like World On Wheels, Mulligans, Camelot Golfland, and Dave & Busters are great places to eat good and have fun with your date. These are good places to go to, to make up for being last minute.