Annual P.O.P.S Anthology Will Come out This Fall


Hiromi Maeda

Previous POPS anthologies.

Ashley Bueno, Reporter

The POPS book, a book that is released every year by the POPS organization, will be coming out in the fall. It’s the sixth anthology POPS has released. The book is national meaning that students from all across the country who are in POPS clubs at different schools have contributed. 

POPS is an acronym for Pain Of The Prison System. Students meet up at lunch in room 137 in the Cunningham Hall and listen to guest speakers who share their stories. POPS focuses on the pain students suffer like immigration, imprisonments of family members. 

¨Everytime i go, I am blown away by the creations of other students.”said Eric Lee, a member of POPS.  “Most of whom you never expect to be such phenomenal writers. They are stunning! The prompts are thought provoking and engaging. They make you reflect on your experiences and choices throughout your life.” 

POPS also focuses on literature where students write poems to help and express their feelings. Guest speakers come and talk about how they were affected by immigration or the prison system and how they became successful even in hard times. 

They have included their personal poems they have written along with short stories and photos. The students who contributed will receive a free copy at no cost.

 The people who couldn’t contribute or would like to see the price range will vary from 10-12 dollars. Mr. Witham has some books from the previous years if you’d like to go ahead and see. 

“I think it’s great because they are giving these students a voice and platform” said Samantha Pineda, a member of the POPS club.