Ms. Laurie Chew and Mr. Randall Chew



Ms. Laurie Chew and Mr. Randall Chew

Carmen Perez, Features Editor

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Ms. Laurie Chew and Mr. Randall Chew:

How long have you guys been together?

Ms. Chew: “We met in 1984, but we’ve been married since 1986. This summer it will be 34 years.”

How did you guys meet?

Mr. Chew: “We met when we were signing up for a tennis class in UCLA.”

Who made the first move?

Mr. Chew: “I did. I asked her out many times and she kept rejecting me because she thought another girl in my class was my girlfriend because we walked together down from the dorms and I gave her rides, but we were just friends. And then the girl’s boyfriend picked her up and they kissed in the court and she realized she wasn’t my girlfriend. We went out after that.”

What do you like about each other?

Mr. Chew: “She’s a very caring and loving person who puts others needs above her own. She’s willing to pray for them or help them out in any way. We have seen a lot of miracles and healings. We have seen people’s lives change for the positive. She’s also very pretty and athletic when we first met, well, we both were athletic.”

Ms. Chew: “When we first met, he was a good tennis player, a really nice guy and very persistent. We like to go out to eat together, we like to have fun, go to Disneyland, do things with friends. We are both kids at heart.”


What has been the highlight of your relationship so far?

Mr. Chew: “When our kids were born. We have three children, they all came to Venice. Also the trips we’ve taken to China, Orlando and various vacations we have been on together.”


What has been the best advice that you have given each other?

Mr. Chew: “ To be a more caring person, that people don’t care what you know until they know you care.”

Ms. Chew: “ He helps me a lot with all the digital stuff, all the tech things since I don’t really know how to do any of that. I really rely on him with that.”


What advice would you give to other couples?

Mr. Chew: “Love is a decision, not a feeling and you have to make a decision to love that person every day. Also trust in the Lord. He does a lot of miracles.”


Ms. Chew: “It is really important to communicate well. It is important to be honest and always clear. To pray for the relationship and pray for him every day. Love is not selfish, it’s about serving the other person, not just about feeling good. Because with time, feelings change and there’s going to be times when you don’t feel good about the other person but you have to work through it with love anyways.”