Cavetown’s “Sweet Tooth” Will Leave You Craving More


Indie pop artist Cavetown

Marina Eskander, Reporter

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The Indie rock/indie pop artist Robin Daniel Skinner, more commonly known as Cavetown, incorporates elements of low-fi and indie folk music into his bedroom pop-style music.

  In one of his newest singles, he simply wants to express some of the everyday feelings he has. His favorite way of showing what he is feeling at a particular moment is through writing music.

The English singer-songwriter is loved by many inside the Youtube community. He is beginning to gain a fanbase outside of YouTube, mainly because his pure-of-heart, raw, bittersweet lyrics which are enhanced with soothing acoustic rhythms. They are the reason why so many of his listeners are lured into his lighthearted yet sorrowful journey. Short but sweet, the single “Sweet Tooth,” reflects on exactly that. The drawbacks of love, but also the carefree aspects of it. 

Skinner started out creating Youtube videos just to write music and gain some recognition as an artist. In 2013, when he was 14 years old, he formed Cavetown. With a modest demeanor and charismatic attitude, he soon gained millions of streams and subscribers of devoted fans on his YouTube fanbase. 

On the 21-year-old’s YouTube channel he records, mixes and produces his own music and covers his favorite songs in a different way than most indie pop artists. In the most effortless manner, he incorporates a wide array of sounds just as he’s lying in his bedroom at his London apartment, according to Cavetown’s personal biography.   It seems that he draws most of his creativity when he is relaxing in his bedroom, which could explain why most of Skinner’s music is composed in a melodic way. A place where Cavetown prefers to record, mix and produce his own original songs. 

He was born in Oxford and grew up in Cambridge, England. He lived in a musical family, which he says sparked his love for music. Both of Skinner’s parents are classical musicians. “I’m from two prestigious places–I’m definitely a privileged white boy,” he says. “There’s videos of me dancing to Bach or whatever at the age of one, just bobbing my head out of time,” he says. 

Cavetowns’ 2016’s “16/04/16” and 2018’s success “Lemon Boy” have been his best achievements. The two albums demonstrate his indie pop talents. In his 2020 single, “Sugar Tooth”, he definitely shines more of his rock side. “Sweet Tooth” is a song he wrote about his boyfriend, according to his personal biography,  “I have trouble with romantic love; I’d never really felt it,” he says of the song, a story about his boyfriend he wrote while on tour.

“Feb 14,” “Telescope,” and “Things That Make It Warm” reflect Cavetown’s more romantic side, with “Feb 14” obviously giving it away. This new album could be the base that may lead Cavetown more towards his rock side.    

No matter the genre, Cavetown says that he just wants to express himself through his music and appreciates that his fans appreciate that they can relate to what he is saying. “Ultimately, everyone has the same struggles when we boil it down, even if the details are different,” he says. “That’s what I’m trying to get across with my music. It’s basically just me telling myself what I need to hear.”