Question Man: COVID-19

Rita Gamboa, Reporter

Reading Time: 2 minutes

COVID-19 pandemic has affected many people around the world. Businesses have either closed leaving people without a job or working from home. Even schools have been closed to avoid the virus from spreading. The Oarsman asked students if this situation is being overhyped or if people are taking the right precautions.

Millie Zarate, Senior: 

“I believe The Coronavirus is not being overhyped. Although it started in Wuhan, China, the city we live in is very unclean. It is more likely to spread faster. Stores are running out of groceries and pharmacies are selling out of hand sanitizers as consumers are frantically stockpiling. It is scary to think we can’t go back to school and be around our classmates without getting a disease.”

Noelia Avalos, Senior:

“I personally don’t think that the corona virus is being overhyped because I have heard a lot of bad stories from my mom. She goes every day to work and hoping not to bring it home she lives in fear of the older people including my grandparents. People that go out and party without taking precautions aren’t just risking their lives, but other people’s lives because not everyone has the same immune system.”


Samuel Luis, Senior: 

“At the start of this week I didn’t really know what to expect. People panicked out of nowhere. A really bad situation that no one was prepared for. A little too panicky, but I guess people got to do what they got to do.”