Covid-19 Quarantine Ruins Senior’s Track Season

Michelle Mateo, Staff Writer

       Due to Covid-19, also known as Coronavirus, many of the sports have been cancelled. This leaves many seniors devastated knowing that they may have to leave their last year of high school without playing their sport. 

       Jane Crespin who has been on the track team since freshman year of 2017 is just one of the many seniors who are facing this reality. 

What were you hoping to accomplish this season? 

  • Well this being my senior season i was hoping to go out with a boom. My coaches and teammates had been showing us potential records that could have been broken this season. They told me I had a chance at going for the 800m record. My hope since before the season started was to get that record and break relay records with my team. I also hoped to make it to city finals one last time.

What was your reaction to the cancellation of track? 

  • My initial reaction was sadness. I couldn’t believe they had taken what I loved the most from me. I carefully listened and read the messages and realized it said “sports had been postponed” so I had hope and I still have hope. My team is in constant contact with each other and we keep the spirit alive. We believe that it’s not over until we graduate. Whatever opportunity we’re given, we are going to race and give it our all. We still have hope that we’ll get to race again this season, even though the chances are slim.

How does this emotionally/physically affect you since it’s your senior year?

  • It really takes a toll on me. This is my senior year and not only am I missing out on practices and races, I’m missing out on moments that I could’ve had with my team. It’s hard on everyone. Physically, we aren’t getting the appropriate training or races so we don’t know if we’re improving. At this point we are all still training on our own, doing the best we can with what we have. Some of us have our own treadmills and we do that, but being a distance runner, it gets very boring running on the treadmill for five or more miles.

Do you ever think that all your hard work was for nothing? 

  • The hard work wasn’t all for nothing, we still have time to do something. Most of us are still training hard on our own and aren’t going to give up until they say it’s definitely over. We had a couple of races before this unfortunate event blew up, and we gave it our all each time. The hard work has paid off on those races and we are hoping it will continue to pay off.

Have you kept in touch with your team? Talked about the cancellation? 

  • We are all in constant contact. We are always in constant contact, because we are family and check on each other all the time. We send motivational messages and try to keep the hope up. At the end of it all, it’s better to keep that positive mindset and if things work out, we have the positivity that will help us race and keep us strong, rather than be negative. This is hard on everyone, but if we cope as a team, we have each other for support and we know that we’re not alone.