Venice Sports Fans Return To The Stands

Troy Lippman, Reporter

A world without fans in stands was an experience like no other, especially for players who feed off the excitement of their fans. To make sure people were safe at the start of this pandemic, going to see the sports we loved in person was put on hold. 

The energy and passion fans bring to sports for their respective teams is unmatched. Baseball, football, and basketball stadiums were completely empty and quiet which was very different from normal times.

As soon as sports stadiums started allowing fans back at certain capacities is when things slowly changed. Athletic director and volleyball coach Robin Hunt had some insight on how this process has gone for letting fans back at Venice.

 “For fan participation, we and LAUSD follow the LADPH protocols”, Hunt said. 

“We require masks at all times on campus and health screens at all events as well as limiting the capacity”.      

Hunt thinks the school and the athletes are thrilled to have fans back at events.

“Students are excited to be competing again and back to sports,” Hunt said. 

Senior Diego Amaya said he enjoys having parents and friends back at games and appreciates their support. 

“Overall it’s been pretty good,” he said. “Having people back is definitely helpful and a lot better than playing with nobody motivating you to play well.”