Boys’ Soccer To Host LACES Unicorns Today


Samantha Corona, reporter

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Boys’ soccer, 3-7-2, is “slowly growing and getting better” as they prepare for their next game against the 6-4-2 LACES Unicorns today, according to junior Jacob Boulanger, a captain.


“We’re training really hard,” Boulanger said. “We always put in work as a team so we can put on a show and make Venice proud.”


Boulanger thinks LACES has “a couple good players that know the game and know how to move and play.” 


However, Boulanger thinks their defensive line isn’t very strong and the Gondoliers plan on using that to their advantage.


The Gondoliers are preparing through “light practices” and keeping the morale up. “Having everyone stretch and stay healthy,” said Boulanger. 


Overall, the team’s goal is to hopefully make it to the playoffs.


“After our recent success, we’ve picked up momentum and hopefully we make a deep playoff run,” Boulanger said. “We want to achieve a W and nothing less.”