Highlighting Venice Students’ Tattoos


Annette Vaipulu, Reporter

Tattoos are a way to express oneself with a piece of art on a part of the body. There are countless meanings as to why we have images engraved into our skin. Tattoos have a way of influencing others to get tattooed. 

At Venice, you will often see students who show off their tattoos as a way of expressing themselves.

Senior Amaya Jackson

When did you start getting tattoos?

“Junior year. I’ve always been interested but never really took the idea seriously. During quarantine I chose to indulge myself in self-expression, discovering my love for the art.”

What motivated you to get a tattoo?

“Unsurprisingly, society. Though tattoos are frowned upon by many, I found myself uncertain of what my contribution would be. I chose to instead show people it’s okay to like them and get tattoos. Artistic expression shouldn’t be outcasted, but instead shared collectively.”

What was your first tattoo?

“My first tattoo was a butterfly. During this time, I was changing and also trying to discover myself.”

Out of all your tattoos, which represents you the most?

“The one that represents me most would be my 777 tattoo. As an angel number, it represents that you are on the path to your own success or are on a path and will soon be rewarded. 

“In every aspect of my life, everything will pay off, all in due time. I don’t really know where my life is going, but I know I’m on the right path.”


Senior Joshua Martinez

When did you get your tattoos?

“I got them this past summer in El Salvador. My main concern was hygiene because it’s a third-world country. So I looked up this famous shop in El Salvador, it’s in the capital. I thought there was going to be a lot of hygiene.”

What was your first tattoo?

“My first tattoo was the sun. I wanted to know if it hurt or not.”

Which tattoo represents you?

“I actually have a 111 on me. That symbolizes new beginnings and motivation. In general, I was going through a tough time in my life, and that’s why I got 111, and then I have another one that says faith for my religion.”

What was the reason you wanted tattoos?

“I think tattoos, in general, are really, really cool. I do think they’re looked down on because it’s not something very traditional in a Hispanic community. But that’s why I got it.”

After learning the stories behind these individuals’ tattoos, it’s apparent that they are looked down upon for the wrong reasons. In reality, after seeing the growth of tattoos here at Venice, it’s a way for students to express themselves, and to say, “this is who I am and why I have this artwork inked onto my body.”