Venice Swimmers Make State Championship for First Time in School History

For the first time in Venice High School history, the swim team made it to the state championships. Junior diver William Yi, junior swimmer Iris Jacobs and freshman swimmer Alli Hopkins all competed for state championships this year at Clovis West High School in Fresno.

“We put our best effort into our races and were rewarded with fantastic performances as a whole,” explained Jacobs. The Gondos finished sixth in the LA City Section overall for both boys and girls as they put up exceptional times.

Jacobs was the best in the city in the 100-yard butterfly stroke event with a time of 1:01.84. Hopkins finished second in the city with a time of 57.03 in the 100-yard freestyle event.

“I think it’s a great honor to be able win CIF, keeping the title for Venice for the fourth consecutive year, keeping the tradition of being our city’s best,” said Yi. Yi finished first in diving this year in the LA City Section Championships. The Gondoliers have won the diving championship every year since 2012.

“In the beginning I had my doubts whether state was a place where I belonged, but it became clear to me that state is something no one should pass up,” said Yi.

“We need a bigger pool now;  it’s a seven lane pool we want a ten lane pool,” explained Swim Coach Sophie Sabbah. “If I could design the pool, it would have two separate pools connected and have a water polo side on one and a swimming side on the other. And a retractable roof on hot days.”

“Next year, we want to be faster and have more people make it to state,” she said.

Coach Sabbah explained that this is the first time the Los Angeles CIF City Section has been allowed to participate in the state championship.