Venice receives Accreditation

Kimberly Velasquez, Reporter

Venice High has received accreditation from Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). According to WASC, accreditation recognizes schools that meet an acceptable level of quality education for all students.

While former interim Principal Ms. Fonna J. Bishop was at the school, she obtained a letter from the Accrediting Commission for Schools executive director Fred Van Leuven, saying that the school had received the accreditation indicating that the school has “demonstrated appropriate attention to the critical areas for the follow-up noted by the previous visiting committee.”

The accreditation was granted as a result of the review of the Mid-cycle Visiting Committee Report for Venice High, according to the letter Ms. Bishop received.

Accreditation is required for students to receive Cal Grants, in order to certify that a certain public school is a trustworthy institution of learning, according to It also assists in establishing improvements in certain areas of a school and checks the progress a school has made between committee visits.

The Oarsman attempted to get a quote from Asst. Principal Richard Valerio on Tuesday and Wednesday, but he was unavailable.

Venice High’s accreditation is now confirmed through the end of the six-year cycle ending in June 2018.