Mayoral Primaries Spark Interest In Politics Among Students


Zoe Woodrick and Polina Asaulyuk

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The discussion of politics has been rising in light of the Los Angeles Mayoral Primaries. The replacement of incumbent mayor Eric Garcetti has many students promoting preferred candidates and advocating for voting. 

The primaries are Tuesday, June 7, with Democratic candidates Rick Caruso and Rep. Karen Bass leading in the polls. Democrat Kevin De León is also in the running.

“I worry that we’re at a crossroads in our city, and we could take a turn that would be very negative,” said Bass, at a public forum that The Oarsman News Staff attended. 

Caruso currently works as a real estate developer and previous member of multiple governmental task forces. Bass is a U.S. Representative, representing California’s 37th Congressional District, who is also a social worker. 

Some graduating students have been following the elections closely with plans to vote in the upcoming primaries or the November elections. 

Senior Mia Chavez has expressed plans to vote for candidate Karen Bass. Chavez is getting politically involved and encourages others to get involved as well. 

“I talk to anyone who will listen, making sure they register or pre-register and do their own research about candidates and their goals,” said Chavez. “I have always kept up with politics and encouraged others as well because we have to be able to make informed decisions to ensure a safe, fair future for everyone.”

Eighteen-year-olds are allowed to vote as long as they’re registered, and sixteen-year-olds are currently able to pre-register. 

Those who pre-register will be automatically registered and active when they’re eighteen.

“We are the future and we need to elect people to make decisions that will impact us for the rest of our lives,” Chavez said.

Both candidates Bass and Caruso plan to declare a state of emergency as Mayor.