Girls’ Tennis Plans To Bounce Back With A Win Against Santa Monica High


Courtesy of the girls’ tennis team

Cindy Martinez, Reporter

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With new and returning players, girls’ tennis, 0-1, has much to be excited for this year, said coach Andrew Horen.

“We’ve got a lot of returning players that are strong and will most likely be playing singles,” he said. “We’ve also got some new freshmen coming in that are going to help us out in the doubles.”

The Gondoliers are a determined group of players, Horen said.

“They fight really hard and that’s the secret to high school tennis,” he said. “It’s all about willpower and staying out on the court as long as you can in hot conditions.

Our girls don’t give up, which I love.”

Senior Nasha Lin, a second year captain, also feels optimistic about the season. 

“I think that there’s a lot of new people who are really enthusiastic, and we still have players from last year that have a good grasp on what they’re doing,” Lin said.

Lin also says that the team puts in a lot of effort every day to practice and that it’s important for the team to stay strong in their mental game. 

“It’s focusing on the shots that you make, and just recognizing that you’ve made progress.”

The Gondoliers will host Santa Monica High today at 2:30 p.m. Lin said she and the team feel strong about the upcoming game.

“I’m confident that the work our team has been putting in will put up a good fight.”

In their first match of the year last Thursday, the LACES Unicorns defeated the Gondoliers, 4-3, at home.