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Week of 9/19 to 9/26

The LA Sports Report

Abbasali Fazal, Sports Columnist

A forecast for your Los Angeles sports week

The Rams Were Heating Up in the Desert

Last Sunday, the Rams’ defense was hot in the desert! The Cardinals were comfortably ready at home, but couldn’t fly away to a win. 

The Cardinals couldn’t score a touchdown versus the Rams, which was interesting, because the Cardinals had more combined yards than the Rams after almost three quarters (which was awkward, but a good point for Rams fans). 

The Rams looked like they were going to blow out the Cardinals leading 13-0 in the first 18 minutes or so, but went blank for the next 30 or so minutes, which opened the door for Arizona. The Rams’ defense didn’t do Kyler Murray a favor though. 

Aaron Donald reached 100 career sacks Sunday, which can be inferred that Murray was really sacked. 

Not only were Cardinals fans let down by the Cardinals Sunday, but maybe with the WiFi as well. There wasn’t much connection with the receivers.

The Rams look to end their season losing streak versus the San Francisco 49ers next Monday night in Santa Clara, as the two teams look to square off in primetime fashion. The Niners are coming off an embarrassing loss versus the Broncos.

Dodgers Clinch Top Seed in NL Playoffs

The Dodgers made it official to the league this past week. Do not mess around with the boys in blue.

Former Dodger, Albert Pujols, also reached a milestone Friday Night. The current Cardinal hit career numbers 699 and 700 in back-to-back innings against his former team Friday. Also, just saying, even though the Dodgers were blown out Friday at home 11-0, the stadium was still pumped up!

The Dodgers don’t need to over do it, however. More pitchers received injury news, which wasn’t an encouraging sign for the team as October nears. However, they’re hopeful for the returns of the pitching squad in time for the playoffs.

The Dodgers also Clinched Home field advantage throughout the National League playoffs with the top seed in the league Sunday with a series win versus a hot St. Louis Cardinals team.

This past week, one of the best Dodgers players in franchise history, Maury Wills, passed away at 89. The former Dodger Player led the team with 586 career stolen bases.    

Lakers fans, Lebron has a new hairstyle

The Los Angeles Lakers star player, Lebron James, has implemented one of the newest hair fashions in the league—no hair on top of your head. Yes, Lebron is bald.

Do not assume that due to Lebron’s age the dude lost hair. He still has hair, but elected to shave it off. However the facial hair, like the beard, remains.

Although the Lakers have a star player like Lebron James, there are other good players that the fans want to focus more on like Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook. 

Davis is coming off another injury riddled season, but when healthy, is a good boost for the Purple and Gold. Westbrook is the bigger story, as there were big expectations. However after a rough three quarters of a season, the two time All-Pro got things cooking towards the end of the season.

The Lakers continue prepping as they hope to start the season in October on a victorious note.