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Week of 9/27 to 10/04


Abbasali Fazal, Sports Columnist

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The Rams’ Offense Cooler Than The San Francisco Weather

The Rams allowed just 17 points in defense against the 49ers Monday (which is really good), but also their offense was somehow cooler than the San Fran weather at Levi Stadium. 

The Niners only scored two touchdowns on offense, and they missed a field goal while making another as well. So that should’ve been easy for the Rams to top. 

It was a close game, and the Rams had a chance to tie it, until—yup, you knew it—Stafford threw an interception. His epic six interceptions this season are back and more in style than ever!

Remember when Aaron Donald reached 100 career sacks last Sunday? Well, that really happened to the Rams instead this week.

The interesting part is that the Detroit Lions were more interesting to watch than the Los Angeles Rams lately. Yes! Highest scoring offense in terms of points per game in the NFL this year, but the worst NFL defense with 36 points per game. But former Rams quarterback Jared Goff played very well, so that’s good.

The Rams look to get back on track as they play the Cowboys Sunday, as the two teams square off in Dallas. The Rams offense would really be tested there, because you can’t spell Dallas without their D(efense).

Dodgers Match 1909 record With 110 wins!

The Dodgers should really rest their players at this point, as manager Dave Roberts announced that their intention isn’t to break any MLB records in the regular season. 

However, they matched another record last week. The Dodgers tied a 1909 record with 110 wins this season! The Pirates last finished a 110 win season in 1909. The Dodgers are the third National League Team to do so and seventh overall in MLB history. 

The latest team to pass 110 wins was the 2001 Seattle Mariners with 116.  I mean the Rockies were the victims of the Dodgers’ last victory, but it was blown by the Colorado bullpen.. 

Also, the Dodgers should really be concerned about injuries, because they are dealing with a number of them as the postseason approaches.

Clayton Kershaw and Julio Urias look like they are headlining the playoff rotation, but Tony Gonsolin, who is returning from injury, looks like part of that. Tyler Anderson, having a breakout year, could be a wrap to the four man playoff rotation.

The playoffs teams are set for the year, as the Mets, Padres, or Phillies look like the most likely teams the Dodgers could face in the first round of the playoffs. The Phillies look like the underdog team this year in the National league, so they have some eyes looking at them.

The Dodgers look to start the postseason strong after the first round bye, with hopes of players performing well, while also hoping for some returning from injury as well.

Preseason underway for the Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers’  2022 preseason is underway. 

Also what needs to be clarified is that do the Lakers want to stick with Westbrook…or do they want to trade Russ? Because those Lakers trade rumors of contacting teams, especially the Pacers, are really leaking out.

The Lakers’ new coach, Darvin Ham, really wants Russ. The scheme, playbook, lineups, rotations, and approach by Ham include Westbrook. I am okay with Russ staying, and the team looks like they do as well. 

To start off the preseason, the Lakers lost against the Kings, but a lot of good notes came from takeaways throughout the match. Anthony Davis looks strong, Kendrick Nunn looks strong off the bench, and the Lakers are continuing to demonstrate that the underdogs shouldn’t be messed around with!

But you know, there was a difference between a diehard Lakers fan and a baby last season. The baby would stop whining after a while, whole a Lakers fan’s criticism would continue throughout the year.

The Lakers continue prepping as they hope to start the season in October on a strong note.