Humans of Venice: A Conversation Of Inspirations, And What Is Behind Success?

Ellie Zamir, Co-Managing Editor

The Oarsman sat down with senior Robert Lamar, starting running back and captain of the football team, to talk about his inspirations and what drives him to succeed. 

Who is someone that has helped you to be who you are today?

A lot of people have helped me on my road to adulthood, especially my dad, my brother, my coaches, the people around me, especially my family members, my grandma.

What is your most memorable moment at Venice High? 

My most memorable moment at Venice would probably be the Division 1 Los Angeles City Section Championship game. Just having that feeling of winning Venice’s first championship in all of Venice history with Coach Gasca is just a crazy feeling. It is something I could never be more blessed to have. 

What advice do you have for upcoming seniors? 

Upcoming seniors, be ready. Be ready to work, be diligent and most of all have a routine. Have a program and stick to it even though it might seem really hard. I’m telling you, be the first to get it done. Be the first out there, just make a statement, especially when you’re trying to apply to colleges and you’re trying to find your way in the world. What you do now will have a great impact on your life.

As you plan your journey to college, what majors are you considering and why? 

At the moment, I am an undeclared engineering major so hopefully I’ll be able to find a specialty.

What inspires you to do your best every day?

What inspires me to do my best? Honestly, it would just be me being able to continue to be a leader for my team and having to come every day and work and just continue to be that guy that I’ve been for the past four years at Venice who just shows up and gets the job done and shows other people how to get the job done.

We all do it together. So if anything, it would probably be my team, my coaches. They all keep me focused, keep me ready, keep me diligent, and ready to go.