Review: Girls’ Soccer Goes Into Today’s Game Against Huntington With A Win And High Morales

Cindy Martinez, Reporter

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Girls’ soccer secured a big victory against Dr. Maya Angelou Community High School 8-1 Monday at home.

“This was a quality opponent, and we’re in a very hard situation this year due to our schedule,” said coach Chaka Forman.

Forman plans to build on this win for their upcoming games. The team is going to play no matter what the score is or where they are in the game. 

“We just want everyone to get more fit and more skilled—to continue to love each other and grow as a team,” he said. 

The game started with a slow pace with the players getting warmed up into the game waiting for a first goal to be scored. It was until 12’ when a goal was for the Gondos that the game started taking its pace. Following this, the girls would round up another three goals on the way.

By the end of the first half of the game, Venice was up 4-0. Emotions were running through the team as they were ahead. During halftime, senior Sophia Lee, the captain, said that the team was “feeling pretty good” and knew that the team “could do better.”

Lee lived up to those words when the second half started. The Gondos went on a streak, scoring three more goals throughout the second half.  At 24’, Number 8 came rolling in for the Gondos setting a score of 8-0.  Then at 32’ during the second half there was a collision between two players that ended with a penalty kick that was favored for the opposing team, then setting the score 8-1.

The referee blew the whistle to mark the end of the game; the Gondoliers were triumphant. 

Lee said that everyone on the team wants to work hard for each other and get better every game. 

“Even if we win 8-1, we’re going to be running, and we’re going to be working,” she said. “That’s something we really value.”

Dr. Maya Angelou Community High School had defeated Venice last December 4-1. 

“Being their very first official division one game with a strong win was a result of what the girls worked very hard on,” Forman said. 

Lee said how the team will keep on pushing, especially with all the support behind them.

“We want to continue with the team morale, especially with the fans helping,” she said. “Everyone wants to be in the game, and we’ll get better every game.”