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Monstrous Songs To Get You Into The Halloween Spirit

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Everyone loves listening to Christmas music. But what about Halloween music? Here are my rankings of some authentic songs that put me in the Halloween mood. Here’s my criteria for these songs to get a good ranking: 

  • They have to be spooky
  • It has to have a good beat, be fun, be not too repetitive, and can’t be too long
  • The lyrics have to be good!

“Ghostbusters” – Ray Parker Jr.

This is just an iconic great spooky song that’s catchy, has you singing along every time, and will always be a classic. My only issue with this song is that I start getting bored of it after a while because it’s long and repetitive. 

Even though I will always love the line, “Who you gonna call?” I don’t have the patience and time to hear it 13 times over and over again. 

Trust me, I will not be calling Ghostbusters when I’m looking for my favorite Halloween anthem. This song is just about as enjoyable as a black cat crossing the road.

 I feel like I’m going to offend a lot of people here, but I’m going to have to give it a 6.5/10.

“The Addams Family” – Andrew Gold

“The Addams Family” may have a ‘snappy’ beat, pun intended, but it doesn’t have the best beat for a Halloween party. 

Though it may not be a great party song, the nostalgia of the original Addams Family movie brings me back to the time when a hand crawling around, and a bald uncle Fester would scare me. This one just isn’t brewing the right way for me. 

This song is more of a theme song that I will always remember, but I wouldn’t catch myself listening to it on repeat. I’m sorry Wednesday, but this one is not gonna be on my recently played on Spotify. 7/10.

“Spooky, Scary Skeletons” – Andrew Gold

This song has such a boisterous beat in the background that just screams head-bopping. Every time I listen to it, it puts me in such an energetic mood. 

Sometimes Halloween songs tend to get annoying after a while, but this song is the perfect length (two minutes and six seconds). And even though the lyrics are pretty much just spooky, scary skeletons, the beat in the background really makes up for it, and who can forget the dances that go with it. 

Though the title includes spooky and scary, there is nothing of the sort with this song, it’s all fun and catchy. Andrew Gold really got his pumpkins in a row for this one. 

This song puts me in such a Halloween spirit. I just wish that there was a little more to the lyrics. 8/10

“Somebody’s Watching Me” – Rockwell

“Somebody’s Watching Me” also has a good background beat. Somebody’s watching me kind of makes me think of the song “Thriller” a little. This song isn’t the most Halloween-like but it kind of has an eerie feel. 

Casper would definitely appreciate this one. 

Having the feeling of somebody watching me all the time, would make me feel pretty scared, and that’s what Halloween is about, being scared! The only thing is that this song doesn’t remind me of an authentic Halloween. 8/10

“This Is Halloween” – Danny Elfman

I love all the different tones in this song. A lot of the voices are loud and booming which I love. This song is probably the best song to make October feel the most like Halloween. 

I would be happy with Jack as the Pumpkin King if he sang me this song. 

This Is Halloween is replaying in my head on repeat pretty much the whole of October. But I just feel like it isn’t the best Halloween song out there. 9/10

“Thriller” – Michael Jackson

“Thriller” is probably the most iconic Halloween song. I love the intro. “Thriller” has such great lyrics and is a great song to dance and sing to. 

The only reason why “Thriller” isn’t my number one is because I had to do the dance and perform it every year in middle school. Which makes this song become too repetitive for me. And you know that my serious criteria said that the songs can’t be too long, and “Thriller” is like 6 bloody minutes! 

Listening to a song this long is like drinking an entire pumpkin spice latte, I’m not a fan.

Way too long, but I guess I’ll let part of it slide because it is an iconic song. Plus I’m not trying to upset too many people with these reviews. 9.5/10.

“Monster Mash” – Bobby “Boris” Pickett, The Crypt-Kickers

“Monster Mash” is a ten out of ten! This song fits literally everything on my serious criteria. It’s spooky, has a good beat, fun, not too long, not too repetitive, and great lyrics. This song reminds me of childhood Halloween. Monster Mash puts me in the absolute biggest Halloween mood. 

I clearly see why all the monsters bop to this one. 10/10

Overall, Monster Mash is the only Halloween song that met all my criteria. So if you’re looking for a fun Halloween song for your next Halloween party, or even just a song to put you in the Halloween mood, “Monster Mash” is the way to go.

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