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Student Run News Site of Venice High School

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The Oarsman

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‘Triangle’ Film Leaves Audiences Who Dare To Watch Mind-Boggled

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Triangle is one of my absolute favorite horror movies. This movie came out only two years after I was born, so of course, I was not able to experience it during the time when the CGI was actually good. 

After seeing a clip of it pop up on my Instagram page, I had to watch. 

Of course, it showed up on my favorite dumb-movie-watching platform, Tubi. 

I love watching bad movies, that you don’t have to take fully seriously, and this movie may catch you off guard with its low-budget CGI and, at times, mediocre acting, trust me, you may love Liam Hemsworth now, but his career started pretty rocky. Despite this, it quickly rose the ranks as one of my genuine favorite horror movies due to its gripping story that manages to make the car commercials Tubi throws into their content, worth it. 

The first half hour may feel like just another mediocre horror movie, nothing special, right? Wrong. The movie quickly shifts into something you could never have expected. 

The movie has a unique beginning with the main character, Jess, seeming distraught. Though you don’t know why at first, you slowly uncover why a sailing trip goes quickly awry.

As things started falling into place, I could not look away. This movie is not only a horror but a psychological thriller that will leave you on the edge of your seat.
The movie does an amazing job of using daytime to its advantage, much like Midsommar, which makes the concepts feel more authentic and less played out. 

Triangle will definitely leave you with more questions than you started with, especially since the questions you were asking when you started were probably something along the lines of, ‘Why did I just sign up for Tubi?’ 

But, guess what? It’s also available on Pluto…

Don’t worry though, it will also answer some questions such as ‘Why is it called Triangle?’ and ‘What were outfits like in the 2000s?’

The purgatory Jess is placed in, sets the disturbing undertone, that even after the gruesome film, will leave you contemplating the whole story, and may even cause you to watch the beginning again.

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