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Student Run News Site of Venice High School

The Oarsman

Student Run News Site of Venice High School

The Oarsman

Student Run News Site of Venice High School

The Oarsman

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A Change In Scenery Impacts Student Life

New gates brings security on campus to another level—but is it needed?
Roxane Gama

Intimidating and unnecessary school security has been overwhelmingly prevalent this new school year.

The recent installation of fences around Venice makes it feel constricted, and that has only brought stress to those in a hurry to class.

Originally, the gates were put up beginning last year to avoid vandalism and loitering beyond school hours.

But now, we’re living it.

The gates both lock us out and apply an immense amount of pressure when trying to leave after school.

When I’m leaving the gates near Cunningham, it feels sometimes clustered and too close to each other. It’s almost more strenuous than schoolwork itself.

With a constant pushing and touching within the exits, it feels distinguishably unnerving. It’s complemented by the influx of students this year compared to the last, and it proves tedious standing in a line just to go home.

Its implementation within our community has already shown to be nothing more than a hindrance.

Earlier this school year, staff tried to administer a Student ID policy that required us to only exit the fences during Nutrition and Lunch with verified identification. Not only did this fail immaculately, many students rushed themselves out, ignoring staff all together.

Students already have the surveillance of school cameras, staff, and LAUSD school police on call if truly needed. Why is it necessary to enforce even more security upon the school that punishes those who are already in trouble? Why should we ever feel like we’re trapped within the school?

The gates kill a sense of spirit for the improvement upon control in our community. Their black color doesn’t even match our Gondolier blue and white.

We are trading off of our open, inclusive environment for one that emphasizes authority and restraint.

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