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How Lana Del Rey’s Career Has Impacted The Personal Narratives Of Young Folk

Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Boulevard? 

Well, if you didn’t know, Lana del Rey titles her new album after this tunnel. 

Now, you might ask why she chose such a long title. It’s interesting and confusing at first to say the least, but I can cover this for you. This question asks people if they know about a secret place and adds a mysterious tone asking fans why. 

The reason she chose this place is because it resonates with her and holds a deeper mysterious meaning, just like her. She holds truth and secrets behind her surface, and she wants fans and listeners to dive into her world. 

She wants people to understand her on a personal level and discover who she is behind all of the fame. This album is all about understanding the deeper meaning in life and who people are beyond their surface level. 

Lana took a risk with her new album, mentioning that she wasn’t sure if fans would like this new twist. After a career of building off of her melancholy, she begins to write about her healing journey. 

She once said in an interview that she doesn’t want to be sad anymore and is taking the steps to better herself. Seeing this kind of growth in an artist I look up to, is amazing and makes me proud. 

This is why I connect with her so much because I can relate to battling with my mental health and beginning my healing journey. In this album, she mentions occurrences in her childhood that have left a mark on who she is today and the hardships that have shaped her. Additionally, instead of finding the light in the dark, she became the light in the dark. 

Her songs Let the light in and The Grants are about her path to acceptance through her personal experiences and choosing to “let the light in.”

Lana Del Rey expresses a soothing ambience in her music. She mentions heavy topics in her music but remains a serene soul throughout it all.  She has endured difficult obstacles in her life but creates beautiful art out of it. Her lyricism resonates with me because I love singing, as well as songwriting and I enjoy turning my life into a work of art. 

I would describe Lana to be an eclectic. Her sound varies from different genres and she doesn’t just put herself in a box. She can do hip hop, soft jazz, pop, folk, psychedelic rock, soul, and indie. The intensity of her vocals is absolutely divine and makes you feel like you are ascending into heaven. 

Her breath control and vocal range is outstanding, and her sound is so authentic and passionate. She has a philosophical feel to her lyricism because it is mostly made out of her poetry. I genuinely believe this generation connects with her so much because she perfectly captures how it feels to live with depression and how it cannot be explained but felt through her music. 

I love the way she is able to intertwine feelings of love and pain together because you can feel both emotions while listening to her. She beautifully translates the language of love, pain, grief, healing, and almost every single emotion into one. 

Lana del Rey is for the people who enjoy the depth of the world around them and are constantly looking for a means to escape through art. One of my personal favorite lyrics of hers that correlates with this is “life imitates art.”

Her 70’s vintage- Americana aesthetic and Old Hollywood image connects with people who resonate with having an old soul like myself. 

I think music has a beautiful way of connecting people to their inner self. Lana del Rey is my favorite artist because she presents music that truly makes me romanticize my own little world. She has helped me view my own life in a more artistic way. 

She is an inspiration to a lot of young girls, even boys who struggle with mental health, including me because she provides a sense of safety and comfort for us. 

Having music to comfort you in hard times, especially growing up is so meaningful and shapes the way you think for the rest of your life. 

Lana doesn’t follow the crowd, she has a strong independence hiding behind her mysterious shadow and she just does her own thing. I am a true believer that music brings about perspective in life, and Lana looks for the deepest treasures life can bring as a creative. 

Her uniqueness is inspiring to this generation of young people because we are all trying to find ourselves in the rhythm of life.

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