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Behind The Scenes Romance Sparks On Anyone But You

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Are Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell the new Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt?  

Glen Powell stars in a fairly new rom-com called Anyone but You with co-star Sydney Sweeney and stirs up the pot by having on screen chemistry and off screen as well.

Powell was dating model Gigi Paris prior to filming and she got suspicious of Sydney and him even though Sweeney was engaged, but of course it made her uncomfortable to see her boyfriend being “extra friendly” with another woman. 

There’s been speculation that all of it is just a “PR stunt” to promote their new film, but Paris hints otherwise. I’ve been keeping up with Paris on social media and noticed her liking certain quotes about “ having to move on” and “deserving better”—and that’s when I knew something was up. 

Paris also unfollowed Sweeney on Instagram. The breakup was obvious when Paris captioned her Instagram post Know your worth and onto the next” and shared and liked posts on social media with similar messages that communicated that. She announced the post with the caption the next day after she unfollowed Sweeney. But also, Sydney never followed Paris back in the first place which is also strange.

Even after the movie release and everything, Powell and Sweeney have still stayed in touch and seem very happy with one another. It’s confirmed that they spent Easter together with each other’s families which shows that they have a close bond. Even if it was a PR stunt, spending a holiday together is a little too far.

They broke up right before the movie started shooting, which gave him his space to put enough focus on the film. They were in a relationship for three years and it is rumored that their relationship was already getting rocky.

They filmed the movie in Australia which means that Paris and Powell would have to do long distance if they were to stay together. They broke up in March and they tried long distance at first and there are photos of Paris visiting him in Australia in the beginning of filming. 

She apparently unfollowed Powell on Instagram in April 2023. 

People started hating on Powell and Sweeney and coming for Sweeney’s physical appearance by calling her ugly.

Although this drama is all intriguing, there is no sign of Powell and Paris being on bad terms or ending their relationship on a bad note.

Another sign of this affair is this video of Powell dropping Sweeney back and catching her in a TikTok in a playful romantic way that went viral on TikTok and eventually other platforms. 

I think it is safe to say that 9 times out of 10, co-stars who work together as love interests end up getting with each other to build more on screen chemistry. I personally think this is true because when you pretend to fall in love with someone, real feelings of love have to somehow take place. 

As someone who used to enjoy acting, I know all about having to tap into your own emotions and experiences to perform well. Powell has also stated in an interview thatSydney is very easy to pretend to fall in love with”. Also comments like “so sometimes harder to differentiate between real life and fake life” in the same interview. I think it was noble of Powell to break up with Paris before the romantic scenes took place because it was what had to be done so no one gets hurt even further.

In the end, Powell and Sweeney are professionals and I do not find harm in them being together because they built a close bond and that’s just the truth. I think the scandal behind this movie is what made it even more intriguing.

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