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‘The Crow’ Reboot Brings Back Cult Classic Film To Theaters

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Reboots and squeals in the world of film and television are often a hit or miss. Movies often hold a special place in people’s hearts for a multitude of reasons. It may bring someone back to their childhood for the duration of its runtime, it may remind someone of a more simpler time leaving them to reminisce on the years gone by. And for many people when their favorite movie is rebooted that sense of thrill and reminiscing comes to a halt, generating skepticism and uncertainty amongst a new portrayal. 

In 1994, the cult classic “The Crow” starring Brandon Lee hit theaters becoming a memorable film that is referenced and talked about for years to come. It’s the perfect blend of action and romance considering it is a comic book adaptation. 

However, moviegoers this year looking forward to a summer blockbuster have another thing to look forward to. The Crow reboot is set to hit theaters June 7 starring Bill Skarsgard as the killer of killers, Eric Draven. 

Diehard fans and skeptics have already raised speculation about the film due to how massive and influential the first film was, a big part due to Brandon Lee’s heart-pounding avenging portrayal of the character in the dark romance film. But the audience should expect a different approach to the story of Eric Draven and Shelly Webster. 

While most people know Skarsgard as Pennywise the dancing clown in another reboot film, that of Stephen King’s book It, Skargard’s look in the film is much more aesthetically modern and grimey in comparison to Lee’s darker portrayal of the undead vigilante.  

When asked what inspired you to make this reboot of the melancholy romance director Rupert Sanders said, “what drew me to this was the opportunity to make a dark romance, something that dealt with loss, grief, and the ethereal veil between life and death and reaching through that.”

And although most chatter about the film will revolve around Lee, it’s not hard to imagine why. The dark 90s appeal, visuals, and style of the film is something of wonders. From the soundtrack of alternative rock bands like Stone Temple Pilots and Nine Inch Nails. To the downpour action scenes and romance.

In the film Eric and Shelly are killed off instantly within the first five minutes of the film, we can expect to see more of the couple before tragedy separates the two. 

“I want my version to have more balance between light and dark,” said Sanders.

Making the vengeance story all the more meaningful for Draven avenging himself and his dead other half. Drawing more attention and devotion from the audience. And though we should expect the return of characters like T-Bird, Skank, Fun Boy, Tin Tin, and Top Dollar. Their portrayal and roles in the film have yet to be determined. 

For as beloved as the first film was despite of on set tragedies, Brandon Lee’s legacy continues to stay relevant even thirty years after the films release and only time will tell how much justice this adaptation will bring to fans all around.

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