The Masquerade Ball


Tania Paz, Reporter

Many students wore masks for the Homecoming dance in the West Gym Nov.7. The theme of the dance was Masquerade Ball. The dance was planned by Leadership, with the help of the administration.

The principal restricted the DJ to not play music with profanity and inappropriate sayings. Many students danced to the music, which was mostly Hip Hop, Pop and Latino pop music.homecimg 2

Leadership’s goal was to sell 220 tickets to break even on the cost of the event. Tickets were sold during nutrition and lunch for about two weeks. The prices started at $15 and went up the day before Homecoming to $20. Leadership surpassed its goal and sold 450 tickets. This was the most tickets sold for Homecoming in the last 10 years.

“In the beginning, I thought it would be stressful because of the administration, but everything went smoothly,” said Leadership member I’sis Wyche, referring to the principal’s strictness at certain student events.

To enter the dance, students were required to wear their masks, since it was a masquerade ball. The purchase of the student tickets included the mask. When students gave their tickets and showed ID, they chose different types of masks set out on a table. Students were able to choose which one they wanted. Senior Valeria Del La Torre wore a beautiful gold butterfly mask that Leadership provided. Most students took off their masks after entering, but some kept theirs on all night.

“Homecoming was a very memorable experience.” said junior Alyssa Zarzosa.

Most of the students spent their time dancing or taking pictures in the photo booth. A photo booth was available for $5 which included two strips of photos. Food and drinks were sold also.

“It was the best homecoming ever. I had a blast.” said senior Lissette Martinez.