Winter Fashion


Magali Sanchez

Ellie Iiams and Laura Guerrero show off their winter scarves.

Cristina Moreno

Los Angeles weather makes fashion difficult. It’s hard to dress for 60-degree and 80-degree weather on the same day. Even though this fall weather’s climate fluctuates and changes every day, a lot of girls still enjoy wearing cozy and warm clothes.
These are the Oarsman’s must-have pieces for this upcoming winter.

Tartan scarves:
Tartan scarves have been the fashion accessory choice for girls this fall and winter. The most popular colors for these lightweight scarves are colors like mustard yellow, berry purple, and dark blue. The plaid pattern of the scarves create an eye-catching statement that can be paired with simple clothes, due to the complexity of the colors and patterns of the scarf.
You can tie your whole outfit together by wearing a shirt or bottoms the same color as the scarf you choose to wear.

Oversized Knit Cardigans:
Knit cardigans are super comfortable and cozy in this cold weather. Many girls are especially wearing monochrome colors. Dark-colored clothes have been trending a lot this year. Girls choose oversized clothes because it feels more comfortable and warm. It’s almost as if you’re wearing a blanket.

Messy Buns and Loose Braids:
A lot of girls are putting up their hair in messy buns and loose braids this season. These messy and effortless hairstyles look great on anyone and with any article of clothing. These hair styles can look formal or casual depending on what you’re wearing with it.

Velvet Fabric:
Velvet fabric is being used for many different articles of clothing such as scarves, skater dresses, skater skirts, scrunchies, and leggings. Black and burgundy are the colors that go best with most outfits. The velvet fabric is very soft and comfortable, perfect for winter and fall.