Venice to be hosting a Winter Formal

The rumors have been confirmed: Venice High is, indeed, going to have a Winter Formal dance. Students will get dressed up to dance at an off campus location, and accompany a date.

Students gave a good review of the recent Homecoming Dance on Nov. 7. This was the first time in eight years where more than 200 tickets were sold. A total of 400 tickets were purchased for the event, but only about 200 students attended.

According to school Financial Manager Harry Delu, the amount of money made during the sales of the Homecoming game and dance was over $6000.

“Decorating was the most stressful and complicated part of the whole process,” said Angie Maximo, the ASB vice president who helped plan and design the setting of the dance.

Leadership advisor Dennis Danziger, who attended the dance, was very pleased with the results.

“We got the ‘OK’ from administration so we’ll begin the process of planning the Winter Formal,” said Mr. Danziger.

Leadership is in the process of picking a venue and time, but the tentative date of the dance is Jan. 23.