Combined Concert

Kimberly Velasquez, Features Editor

The Palms Middle School’s jazz band joined Venice High’s band and choir for a “combined concert” at the West Gym Feb. 27.

The combined concert, which began at noon, also included the new steel drums class members.

“It was a great experience to interact with Palms’ jazz band,” said sophomore Nancy Lopez. “Just getting to know them and seeing how they feel about music made me feel happy.”

Many who participated in the performance had fun. The audience was mostly parents of the band members. One of the Palms students’ parents wrote back to a previous letter sent by band director and teacher Mr. David Lee.

At the end of the show, parents, relatives, and the Palms’ jazz band director, applauded and congratulated those who participated. The school principal, Dr. Oryla Weideoft also attended and thanked everyone for coming.