Getting Ready for Prom

Cristina Moreno, Reporter

Looking for the perfect prom dress can be a very stressful process. There is so much time and thought put into the dress than you may think. People rarely find the perfect prom dress right away without problems or obstacles. Most of the time, girls have trouble finding a dress that they truly love.

One of the things to know when you are out shopping for a dress is what color dress you’d like to have. If you have a date, you want your date’s tie or bowtie to match with your corsage and dress. When you have a color in mind, it will be easier to navigate through stores and shops because you will be more attracted to sections with the color that you like.

Try on dress styles of all types, such as sleeveless, asymmetric, halter strap, scoop, or v-neck. You will soon find the style that most suits you and what feels comfortable on you. Large-busted girls will most likely feel a-line dresses, which are flowy with shoulder straps, more comfortable since they have more support. If you’re small-busted, sleeveless dresses are a perfect option for you. Sleeveless dresses can come with many details and sequins that can look very elegant.

Knowing where to look for your dress is very important. You can go prom dress shopping at retail stores, outlets, malls, and websites. Good retail stores for dresses are Ross, Marshall’s and TJ Maxx. During prom season, they have many nice, good quality dresses for reasonable prices. For some people, the hardest part of finding a prom dress is finding a dress that fits their budget. You can find amazing dresses for great prices at these retail stores. Outlets in Downtown L.A and Huntington Park have an endless range of prom dresses. Malls also have stores that bring out prom dresses during this season.

When buying off websites, you have to be extra careful because there are some dangerous websites that can steal your money or send you something that does not look like what they advertised to you. You can always make sure that a website is accurate by looking at ratings or asking relatives and friends for suggestions.

My experience with shopping for dresses online was very positive. I shopped at They have such a great variety of colors and styles. I really like the website because when you order a dress, they ask you for your exact measurements to get the fit of the dress perfect for your body type. So they make the dress specifically for you in the color you want. They also have such a huge variety of colors. The dress I received looked exactly like the one I ordered with no mishaps or faults. I bought the dress for my 15th birthday, but it was technically a prom dress.